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Bats - Paupack Wildlife Control
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Bats are conquered carefully by our team due to most species of Bats being on the endangered species list.  Bats are born right around the second week in June and maturing with their mothers until approximately the second week in August.  This is a time that we completely leave Bats alone.  During the times of activity one bat can eat up to 1,000 bugs each night.  These critters like to liv win areas that are able to maintain a constant minimum 52 degrees, but the hotter the better.  Their urine is very acidic and will dry white while their guano is brown and slightly larger than mouse droppings.  Bat poop or guano crushes into a fine powder due to consisting of insect exoskeletons while mouse poop is very hard.  Guano can be found stuck on objects that they circle for food or shelter.  If their shelter happens to be your attic they will leave their “marks” all over your insulation.  Due to bats not having collar bones they are able to squeeze into any are that their heads can fit without ever needing to chew or scratch into an area.  Additionally, they have pretty keen eye sight while also being able to use their bat sonar, debunking the “blind as a bat” saying.