Beavers are the biggest rodent in the area and have a super cool two layers of fur that allows them to be waterproof when milling about in the water.  Beavers like to chew as I am sure you’ve heard a million times but did you know the reason for their chewing?  Being a rodent their teeth grow pretty quickly so to prevent their teeth from over growing they keep them down to size by chewing large sticks and branches or anything made of wood that they can get their paws on.  Beavers will use the material that they chew off and do not want to eat to fix or work on a damn or even their house. Beavers also hate the sound of running water, this comes into play when we start to focus on the flooding water.  The bigger that a beaver can make a body of water, the better, more room for them to move and allows easy access to food sources.