Did you know that your home is the equivalent to a hollow tree to most critters that we handle?  That makes it a mighty fine place to live.  Here are a few bits of information on each critter that we handle that may possibly be bothering you!

Grey Squirrels like to have the classic “family situation” in the area that they call home! Generally you will have an adult female, adult male and a few juveniles residing there.  However, sometimes one area can be occupied by all male or as we say a Grey Squirrel bachelor colony.

Red Squirrels are on of the squirrels that we handle the least.  These guys tend to be very temperamental when compared to others.  They tend to travel in pairs and enjoy storing their food in large quantities in the area that they reside.  These cousins of the Grey Squirrels are a copper/rusty orange color and are slightly small in size than the Grey Squirrels.

Northern and southern Flying Squirrels are the smallest Squirrels that we handle. However, when we do handle them, it is with care, being that the Northern Flying Squirrel has been on the endangered species list since 2007.  Why? Well the Southern Flying Squirrels have been moving into the area carrying a parasite that the Northern Flying Squirrels can’t handle.  Additionally they do not have the suitable habitat factors available that they need to survive.  They both are nocturnal so they have large beady eyes. While they may be as tiny as a chipmunk they tend to sound much larger in your attic!